Understanding Winter season with TCM principles

I used to have a Shiatsu lecturer who would always say: “TCM is logic!”, and how true that is. Following the cycle of seasons we find ourselves in Winter and the common characteristics that are associated with it. The things that come to mind are cold, …

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The Path from Novice to Expert (as published in Pointers Shiatsu Magazine – Autumn 2017)

Ever heard of the term “Big Fish Little Pond and Little Fish Big Pond”? I remember learning that statement as I finished my last year of Primary School before heading off into the big unknown world of High School. Since then, I’ve always been amazed at …

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Novice to expert

Why should kids do Pilates?

 A few years ago, I was presented with this question “How do you change the world?” Wow, how can one answer such a complex question? But after careful thought , I did answer it…. We can change the world through our children. I remember entering an art …

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Autumn in Traditional Chinese Medicine

One of the most beautiful aspects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is to use it as a tool to live harmoniously with the seasons. Ancient Chinese physicians observed the natural cycles of the seasons and recorded the best everyday practices for sta …

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